Remembering Father (1937-2016)

touch up picture of father

Ripples reflecting the silvery glares of the moon light
The memory forever stamped still in my mind
Quietly paddling through the dark and murky water
Once your silhouette  was so powerful and strong

Your long hairs were a sign of remonstration
Chopping the forest you axed your frustration down
Quietly protesting against a world just too unfair
The sign of justice simply too remote to contest

Each time you rushing out to chase after the mystical flying unknown
Were you trying to seek for freedom to contain your forlorn?
Fervently digging crazily deep into the mushy ground
Were you desperately digging for a pond of answers?

I overheard a love story just too long to tell
They said the day your loved one vanished your heart simply broken
Sadly how this world has shaped your destiny
For no one has understood  your real inner suffering

(And how everyone steadfastly condemned your insanity)

How sadly you have chosen to drift your life away in silence
But you have forgotten you have given me your talents
And so sorry I have not called you “Papa” in my entire life
Nonetheless your legacy I will live on


A 50 Happy Birthday Painting

Hans Birthday Painting 50

Happy Birthday 50 – Acrylic on Canvas, 24″x36″

A simple 50 year old  birthday painting I did in September 2012.

For all those who have turned 50 in 2012, you are likely to be born in the year of tiger, thus tiger is  the main character in this painting. Some of you reached the top of your career, some of you still midway climbing the corporate ladder.

This year, I will paint another 50 happy birthday painting with a rabbit, may be in March. 😉

Happy Birthday, to all those who have crossed or about to cross the important  half-hundred mark of your life. May your silver days full of joys, happiness and with good health.