A 50 Happy Birthday Painting

Hans Birthday Painting 50

Happy Birthday 50 – Acrylic on Canvas, 24″x36″

A simple 50 year old  birthday painting I did in September 2012.

For all those who have turned 50 in 2012, you are likely to be born in the year of tiger, thus tiger is  the main character in this painting. Some of you reached the top of your career, some of you still midway climbing the corporate ladder.

This year, I will paint another 50 happy birthday painting with a rabbit, may be in March. ;)

Happy Birthday, to all those who have crossed or about to cross the important  half-hundred mark of your life. May your silver days full of joys, happiness and with good health.

“Me” – My First “Acrylic” on Canvas

My Fair Lady 633801 - Pisoca, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x36"

My Fair Lady 633801 – “Me”, Acrylic on Canvas, 24″x36″

This is my first attempt of using Acrylic painting on canvas. I painted it beginning of this year when I have decided to spend more time in art.

The first impression when people looked at it, they remarked ” Picasso!!”  Well, may be, with those out of proportion eyes, neck, fingers and breast.

Since then, she has slowly become “me”, an icon image I used to create  my  various online accounts.

I am now working on setting up a social enterprise in using art and technology to help the needy students and youth at risk.

She will play an even more important role now – the ambassador  of the new  initiative.